Sunrise for Melanie Leneghan

When we decided to buy a home on Hilton Head Island we knew nothing except that we loved it on HHI. We had no knowledge of the housing market, the history of the subdivisions and plantations, what areas were good or bad and for what. We knew nothing. What we did know is that we needed a realtor with a thorough understanding of all things Hilton Head that we could trust implicitly.

Thank God we partnered with David and Kathy Love six years ago. They have exceeded all expectations. As time went on in our quest for THE perfect property we realized that we needed a set of eyes and ears that cared about us to be where we needed them to be when we needed them to be there. David and Kathy were that and more. We needed a realtor to run to a property of interest immediately to get me 75 more pics and examine everything thoroughly within hours. They never failed us. We needed a realtor with patience and understanding. Throughout the SIX years of requests, they never let me down, continually working as hard for me in the sixth year as in the first.

As we narrowed down to the perfect criteria, we realized that we needed a realtor to be watching and listening for what we specifically needed, who had their ear to the ground and who was networked in deep enough for us to get what we wanted before someone else did. David and Kathy did not fail us in this regard either. They were so knowledgeable about the big picture and the details. All of theses assets are critical in a realtor when you want to get the best place for the best price possible on HHI. Because David and Kathy cared about our needs and because of their hard work and determination to get us what we wanted and needed and because of their persistence and patience and most of all knowledge and experience , after six years, we were able to purchase THE perfect investment/ retirement home/ family vacation and relaxation spot. The six year time frame was our fault. We had very broad and then very narrow parameters.

My journey could not have been more educational, successful, and enjoyable with any other realtor and I am certain of that. If you want to end up with the perfect property for you and your family and your finances that meets your specific needs and you need to work with someone you can trust completely, who will protect you from making any mistakes, who cares more about getting you everything you need than they care about making an extra buck, who has as much or more knowledge and understanding of the market and the individual properties than any other realtor on HH then I strongly recommend David and Kathy Love. They will not disappoint you.

Melanie Leneghan
Columbus, Ohio

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