Sea Pines Oceanfront Gem


By Lynne R. Anderson * REALTOR * Accredited BUYERS REP

Sounds simple right? The line made famous in the hit movie “Field of Dreams,” makes the process seem like an easy home run. Better take a deep breath and a couple of practice swings. While building your dream vacation home will certainly result in additional time with friends and family - build a beach house and they will visit - be sure and do your homework first.

KNOW YOUR TERRA FIRMA. Building in a coastal environment requires special considerations. When you find a beautiful lot, get a survey and make sure it includes the FEMA flood lines. Also know your property’s elevation for insurance purposes. Plan for a Tree and Topography Study;…

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Here we are almost at Summer's end. Some schools in the area have already begun and we can see some winding down of visitors in some restaurants, beaches and shops. The lazy hazy days of Summer have traditionally not been active busy months for buyers. That is no longer the case. People are more interested in inquiring and purchasing real estate this year than in the previous five. Hilton Head winning Travel and Leisure's best island in the US (#1) for a third year in a row has opened some eyes to the abundance of activities and opportunities on this island. Of course, we all have Charles Fraser and Sea Pines to thank for planting that mustard seed that has brought many of us here. Having grown up here from the time I was 9 years old, having attended the…

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Sunrise for Melanie Leneghan

When we decided to buy a home on Hilton Head Island we knew nothing except that we loved it on HHI. We had no knowledge of the housing market, the history of the subdivisions and plantations, what areas were good or bad and for what. We knew nothing. What we did know is that we needed a realtor with a thorough understanding of all things Hilton Head that we could trust implicitly.

Thank God we partnered with David and Kathy Love six years ago. They have exceeded all expectations. As time went on in our quest for THE perfect property we realized that we needed a set of eyes and ears that cared about us to be where we needed them to be when we needed them to be there. David and Kathy were that and more. We needed a realtor to run to a property of…

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