One Lowcountry lawmaker is pushing to turn the bridges leading to and from Hilton Head Island into a massive linear park.

Rep. Jeff Bradley, who represents Hilton Head and Daufuskie islands, says the current bridges leading to Hilton Head represents 1.2 miles of opportunity.

"I think that if we can stretch our thinking process, we can turn that into a 1.2 mile parkway that would be open to pedestrians. It would be open to bicyclers, it would be open for potential festivals, it would be open to the arts. I think if you let your mind stretch in any way shape or form, you can begin to see what could happen there," Bradley said.

The U.S. 278 gateway corridor project, once finished, would…

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Home sales soared in the Hilton Head area after taking a coronavirus plunge.


BY SAM OGOZALEK JUNE 19, 2020 10:15 AM - Island Packet Newspaper

A wave of new homebuyers from the northeast and other parts of the country flooded the local real estate niarket over the past few weeks, motivated by low interest rates and high coronavirus caseloads in densely populated cities and suburbs, real estate agents say. 

The result: a banner month in May for pending home sales around the Hilton Head area. 

Despite requirements that prospective buyers wear PPE -- or their requests to take virtual tours via Zoom — pending home sales increased 11.3% in May year-over-year, with 629 pending sales in total, according to Hilton Head Island MLS data. Those…

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Lights out for Turtles

Lights Out LogoThe Loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta) is the state reptile of South Carolina and the most common sea turtle nester along our shores. They are easily recognizable by the large size of their head in relation to their body and their brownish or yellow skin. Adults have top shells that measure from 30-42 inches in length and usually weigh up to 400 pounds. Males are larger than females, and are not known to come ashore once they leave their beach of birth. Females usually begin to nest the first or second week in May; the nesting season usually ends by the end of August. Females usually emerge to nest at night and lay an average of 120 eggs per nest. They locate an appropriate nest site by judging the temperature and moisture…

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The Town of Hilton Head has issued the following News Release regarding our Beaches being open. I encourage everyone to enjoy the beaches and the incredible outdoors our amazing island offers us while practicing social distancing with non family members. Please find the release below: *These rules are for the beaches listed below.  I recommend checking the beach placards where you access the beach to insure you are complying with the rules that are in place to keep you, your family and our environment safe & well.



News Release

Hilton Head Island Beaches are Open
Here’s What You Should Know for A Safe Beach Visit

Release Date: May 21, 2020

Contact Information:
Carolyn Grant email icon , Communications Director, 843-341-4618 



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Some of my fondest memories as a child and an adult are of fishing with my father and family. In the past I have included a fishing report from Captain Christaan Politzer. Here is a post he recently shared on Facebook:

"A shout out to all my charter captain friends. While I have many friends who are in all types of businesses that are really struggling right now, I am thinking about my buddies and comrades today that make their living on the water. It looks like the struggle will continue for all of us into the summer months. The timing of this could not have been worse for any of us, but especially for the charter industry here on Hilton Head. We all struggle to make it through the winter and spring/Easter essentially "digs us out of the hole" as my…

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Driving while construction is happening on our roads can be challenging. Once these improvements are finished we will be able to return to normal on new and improved surfaces. There are numerous signs posted regarding the construction. My children had the best comment I have heard yet, Dad, if you know they are working on the roads just leave a little earlier.......Out of the mouths of babes!!! In the past few weeks I have seen a serious accident that required Greenwood Drive to be closed off and while I have no idea why the accident happened it was a reminder that we all need to remain patient while driving through this amazing resort community.( I hope and pray all of the people involved are safe and sound.) Please see below regarding the progress of…

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Many folks are aware of our Harbour Town golf links because of the wonderful PGA Tour's Heritage Golf tournament. Designed by one of the greatest golf architects of all time, Mr. Pete Dye. When I heard the news of Mr. Dye's passing while watching a PFA event of TV I could not help but ponder what a tremendous impact he had on Sea Pines Resort. His design of Harbour Town Golf Links has withstood the test of time. With golf balls that go further than ever, with equipment that pushes the limits of physics and with professional athletes who are on the tour being some of the strongest athletes in the world Harbour Town has stood firm as an amazing test for any golfer, professional and amateur alike. Pete Dye also designed Heron Point at the Plantation Golf…

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November 29th-January 1-Harbourtown Lights

December 14 1pm Little Elf Workshop

December 20-21 & 27-28 Christimas Stocking Deliveries

December 23 7:30-9:00 Gregg Russell Christmas Concert

December 25-27 5:30-7:30 Holiday Fun in Harbourtown

December 31 10am 19th Annual Polar Bear Swim

December 31 6pm-1am New Year's Eve Celebration

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HALLOWEEN WAGON RIDE Saturday, October 26; 10 and 11:30am Show off your Halloween costume in the Sea Pines Forest Preserve and hunt for clues to lead you to the pumpkin patch. Reservations required. $16/adult, $13/child (ages 12 and younger)

HALLOWEEN ON THE HARBOUR Sunday, October 27; 3:30-5pm Celebrate Halloween at The Sea Pines Resort with activities and trick-or-treating around Harbour Town. Participants of all ages are welcome to attend and are invited to come in costume. Complimentary

For reservations and additional information, please contact The Sea Pines Resort Recreation Department at (843) 842-1979.

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