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Without a doubt oceanfront living is conducive to an active lifestyle that gives you both physical and mental benefits.  There is nothing sweeter than waking up each morning to the sound of waves splashing on the beach while the sun is rising above the horizon. It is hard to feel stress when you start your day smelling the fresh salt in the air, listening to the crashing waves and feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin.   Daily beach walks, runs, yoga and of course an ocean swim are some of the best cardiovascular activities out there. It's not always easy to get motivated to go to the gym but it's very easy to step out your back door and feel invigorated and energized to be active.    Oceanfront living also provides mental benefits since…
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Tommy's Best Restaurants Guide on Hilton Head Island for the Holidays     Breakfast: Sunrise Grill (Palmetto Marina),  Relish (Park Plaza)   Lunch: Claude and Ulie (Moss Creek Shopping Center), Charlies L'etoile Verte (New Orleans Road)   Brunch : Skull Creek Boathouse Grill (Squire Pope Rd), Frankie Bones (Main Street HHP)   Happy Hour: Reilleys (Reilleys Plaza Greenwood Dr) Cork's Staples Shopping CT. South end)   Dinner: Michael Anthony (New Orleans Rd), Black Marlin (Palmetto Bay Marina), Poseidon (Towne Center)    

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Not long ago, a reporter called from Bloomberg News. He had a few questions about real estate on Hilton Head Island. His first question was: "Why are people drawn to Hilton Head?"

Having lived in Sea Pines by the beach for 43 years, my response was: "The natural beauty of the Island is the big draw, not just world-class golf, tennis facilities or miles of beach. We live in a unique environment with a subtropical climate where it is green all year long. We seldom see snow but see a lot of wildlife. When you live on an Island, you live close to nature. Outside of the study by my house, there is a "deer walk". It is a path that the human eye cannot see. Deer have been traveling that path for as long as I can remember. They stroll over fallen pine needles,

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