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Twig Tales

Posted by on Sunday, March 31st, 2019 at 9:02pm.

Like a lot of people we're sure, the idea of renovating a house while you live in it sounds like an absolute blast! It will be an adventure, the mess will seem charming and the beautiful finished product you have in your head will arrive in no time flat.

This story is being told by three people living this dream. (Some days considered a nightmare...) 5 bedrooms, 5 baths, 3700 square feet in one of the most sought after plantations on Hilton Head, Long Cove Club. Sounds spacious right? Cut to the renovation; 1 shower/toilet in 500 functional square feet.

There is no more kitchen, the furniture has been sold to make room for new and the laundry room sink is the only functioning sink in the house. This is where you brush your teeth, but it's also where the cups go, the plates have all gone to storage.

Ultimately, most days now feel like adult summer camp. It's actually in such a state of discomfort that it's humorous and not terribly uncomfortable. We work hard and laugh through it all. Once the design for the house was established, we got to work ordering materials and doing demo. Sometimes at the end of a long day, the daily meeting turns into a guitar session and that's what makes it all so fun!  

Side note, this table is gone now, as is the wall, so meetings are conducted on a card table which serves as a kitchen counter and an office. This is still the dining room, even though the powder room vanity and toilet are also temporarily in there, and this has become the new normal.

While all of the interior demo is going on, the outside of the house has been painted a new bold color. We chose to highlight the trim and provide contrast, the windows are now a dark bronze and the beautiful palm blocking the front of the house has a new home.

The demo is nearly complete and in addition to the one functional shower and toilet, there is a fantastic Viking range where all of the cooking is done. The pot holders are gone, so a pair of work gloves are doing the trick!

Stay tuned, this week the floors get patched and stairs get replaced. For those moments where you need to get away and hide upstairs, those days are over for a little while!

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