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The year was 1457, the place: Scotland. A brand new game had been invented. It was ruled 'Gentlemen Only...Ladies Forbidden'- and so, the word GOLF entered the English language. The first round of women's golf was played in the year 1811 in Musselburgh, Scotland.     Golf was banned three times for years after it was invented because the Scottish government believed it interfered with military training. The first golf balls were made of feathers wrapped in leather. They flew much further than the balls that came after and were used until the mid-1800s. After feathers, golf balls were made from wood.

 Sea Pines Founder Charles Fraser uncovered a ship manifest from1786 that noted that "golf sticks" and "featheries" had been shipped to residents in

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Have you heard the news? SC is the #17 state to retire in!

There are several reasons why many choose to retire in the Lowcountry; here are just a few. 1) The cost of living is 7% below the US average. 2) We experience mild weather year-round so you can enjoy outdoor sports and the natural beauty during all seasons. 3) Taxes are friendly to retirement incomes.

The state population is 4.8 million and the best city is currently voted as Bluffton, SC - although the age average is just 35years.

I can´t imagine any other place to live or retire! Contact me today should you be considering relocation to South Carolina!



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As you may know, some pretty exciting announcements were made last October and November regarding direct flights out of the Hilton Head Island International Airport. To top that great news, at the beginning of this month, there were talks of another air giant welcoming direct flights to our neighborhood airport. 

In October 2018, it was announced that United Airlines would begin servicing the our airport in Spring 2019. The following month, the community was informed that American Airlines will soon begin flying directly to Washington D.C. from the island terminal. 

Then, at the beginning of this month, Delta allowed customers to book flights to and from Atlanta and Hilton Head Island starting May 23. 

This is wonderful news for both

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Dear friends, I wish you a very nice and relaxed first Advent.

I´ve always loved this day. The word Advent comes from the Latin word 'adventus' meaning arrival.

As a kid I had my Adventskalender with which I counted down the days until Christmas Eve. My mom started baking Christmas cookies and the smell in our home was unbelievable. 

When it started getting dark we sat around the table with the Advent wreath, cookies and a cup of hot chocolate or coffee, lit the first candle and sang christmas songs. My mom started telling the Christmas story and I got more excited about the arriving of christmas eve every day.

I always preferred the red candles, and decoration on the wreath and didn`t know

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  What a wonderful day!    I had heard of Thanksgiving when I lived in Germany, but I had no idea how wonderful it is to celebrate with people I’m grateful for until I moved here. When I lived in Germany, I used the time between Christmas and New Years Eve to think about what and who I was grateful for at the end of the year, and I wrote thank you cards to those people. Now,  having a special day not only to think about how grateful I am, but being able to celebrate it with these friends, family and clients who I consider family, is even better.    I want to thank the following people in my life very much for all that they do and mean to me:  Susan, Sara, Lorraine, Sandy, Kathy, Will, Tina, John, Gail, Andy, Beverly, Falko, Carol,…
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 “Do you sell also in Bluffton?”

 That is a frequently asked question. The answer is: "Yes, we do!"

Although I am very proud working at the first Real Estate office in Sea Pines, Hilton Head Island, we are happy to help people finding their perfect home anywhere in the Lowcountry.

Take a look at my newest listing in Hampton Lake. MLS # 387023


What I love about this house is the open floor plan that allows different kind of uses.

The house features 2,940 SqFt, 4 bedrooms, 3 bath, open kitchen, screened porch, high ceilings. It´s very convenient located close to the gate of Hampton Lake.

If you haven´t been at Hampton Lake yet, please call me and I´d love to give you a tour – and to show you this beautiful house.


Hampton Lake

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    Most people think that a Realtor ® gets a lot of money for just driving around and showing a couple of beautiful houses.      To be honest, when I first thought about becoming a Realtor ® in this beautiful area, I had this vision too. Sometimes, it really does happen that a client walks in knowing exactly what he/she wants and purchases the third home we show.     However, most of the time it´s much more. Research, pre-viewing, communicating with the client and Realtor ® colleagues, negotiating price and other conditions and helping sellers and buyers thru the sometimes difficult process of a sale.     Meanwhile, I´ve learned being a Realtor® is most of the time really hard work, but it is my dream job. I love all…
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What I like most about this home is the fact that it has three defined levels.

The elevated ground floor features 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, a media room and access to the patio and pool. It is perfect to accommodate the kids or guests with a comfortable 2,236 total Sq. Ft. Even better, each room has its own balcony, which is so nice to step out on right after waking up in the morning.

The second floor is perfect for entertaining, with a spacious open dining/living area, fireplace and an extremely impressive ocean view. The large open kitchen allows for watching the beach waves while you cook. The extra large patio provides not only a breathtaking view, but enough room for an outside dining or cocktail party.

The master bedroom and

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More, less, better and best…

that is how Mayor David Bennett described the new service of American Airlines. After thanking all parties involved he said:

“It’s my privilege to share with you just what this milestone means for our Island paradise. This monumental occasion marks a distinct change in the trajectory of transportation for full and part time Islanders, and for business and leisure travelers whose destination is HHI. It means more, less, better, and best.

Now there are more choices for travel to and from the Island. Beginning with American’s three daily nonstop jet service flights between here and Charlotte, the door is now open for more options in the future— perhaps more flights and

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Two of the best things in life start with the letter “D”, Dads and donuts! In the United States, donuts are a staple breakfast food. Do you know where donuts originated?! The “doughnut” was created in 1485 in Nuremberg, Germany! They were  filled donuts that could be filled with meat, cheese, or even mushrooms. To read more about this, click the link below!

Donuts and dads are both special in our lives and should be enjoyed together! Enjoy a donut ( or twelve) with your dad today!

Donut forget to wish your dad a Happy Father’s Day!



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