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The cost of owning a house is so much more than your monthly mortgage payment.  Improvements and repairs to your home can be costly and could take up a large amount of your budget yet they are vital to maintain your home and possibly increase the value.

Dan DiClerico, a HomeAdvisor expert, states the average homeowner spends close to $7,000 on home improvements throughout the year.  As a result, he highly encourages homeowners keep a rainy day fund in their household budget….ideally 2 to 5 percent of the value of the home.

The experts at have identified the 5 most expensive repairs that homeowners should be aware of which I have summarized for you below.

  1.         Foundation restoration/foundation wall repair – the best way
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It would be great to have an unlimited budget for a kitchen renovation. But the fact is most of us do not. And that’s OK. Compromises of one form or another are part of the process, even for the rare homeowner who enjoys a bottomless budget and expansive square footage. 

But how, exactly, do you decide between two compelling options with different pros and cons? The most critical tool to have on hand to help you make tough choices is a clear picture of your remodel goals.

How Will You Use Your Kitchen? 

When planning a kitchen remodel, you want to be very clear on how you want to use your new kitchen. Clear goals can help homeowners make decisions and, as the budget nears its limit, ultimately choose the options that will best support their

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What does “Off Plantation” mean in relation to real estate on Hilton Head Island?  Off Plantation is a blanket definition used to describe any property located outside of Hilton Head Island’s larger, gated communities.  These communities may have savings on regime fees and less restrictive covenants.  Buyers of Off Plantation properties also enjoy the amenities and lifestyle options available to the residents of planned communities and many find the Off Plantation lifestyle to be more casual and relaxed.

Speaking of Off Plantation communities, I have listed a wonderful 2 bedroom villa at #408 Mariner’s Cove Villa.  This quaint & quiet complex is a well-kept secret with so much to offer! Mother Nature is all yours at every turn...tidal marsh

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Homebuyers, be prepared for closing costs as you determine what you can afford and how much of a down payment you will need to purchase your dream home. 

Closing costs are lender and third-party fees paid at the time of closing (or financed as part of the deal).  According to Trulia, closing costs can range in price from 2% to 5% of the purchase price for a home.  Yet there may also be additional neighborhood and/or plantation property owner association fees and transfer fees as well if you are buying in the Hilton Head Island area.  Reach out to me to know upfront what these fees could be at time of closing.  Having these upfront discussions will help avoid any headaches at the time of closing.

By law, a homebuyer should expect a loan

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Buying your first home is an exciting time yet it also can be expensive. Buying a home may be your biggest financial commitment but it also can be more expensive than you realize if you aren’t prepared for all the costs.

1. Mortgage Insurance: it’s much easier these days to buy a home without a 20% down payment. As a result, more buyers have to insure the mortgage. Mortgage insurance premiums depend on how big your loan is and how little you put down. It’s important to factor in this cost into your monthly payment.

2. Homeowner’s Insurance and Property Taxes: Another area that first time buyers might not factor into homeownership are property taxes and homeowner’s insurance which can add up to 2 to 3 percent to their monthly mortgage payment.

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1) Using bold, custom colors or wallpaper on the walls. Experimenting with color and wallpaper can be a lot of fun as a homeowner. There are so many inspiring things you can do with it, but unfortunately, it has no place in a home that is on the market. Color and wallpaper are very taste-specific, so while you may think they will entice buyers, they can actually turn off buyers and make them feel like they have to invest a lot of money in undoing them before they can move in. 

2) Neglecting the clutter (or not decluttering enough). Decluttering is one of the most important steps in staging a home for sale. It goes farther than just cleaning things up, though. What would be considered “decluttered” to a house one is living in is different from

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Originally, talk about a new south-end park began back in the 1990s but was delayed due to the clean up after Hurricane Matthew.  Now the future “Lowcountry Celebration Park” has begun and expected to be completed in 2020.  The project will begin with road construction and re-routing of roads on the south-end.  The more prolific work of the park itself will commence 2019.

The park will be located just steps from Coligny Circle and off Pope Avenue.  9 acres of land behind the Forest Beach parking lot will be used to create the park which will include a band shell for outdoor concerts, public greenscape for events like festivals and shows, a children’s museum, kids’ water zone, rest areas, adventure playground with a large ship and an

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When you consider Palmetto Dunes and Shelter Cove Harbour, you think of the best of both worlds.  Oceanfront Palmetto Dunes has a wonderful mixture of beautiful homes both on and off the ocean, fun and upscale villas, world class golf, kayaking on the 11-mile lagoon, nationally ranked tennis facilities, restaurants and more.  Just across highway 278, mid-island, is the entrance to Shelter Cove Harbour.  With deepwater marina access, kayaking, waterfront dining, shopping, restaurants for all appetites and tastes, plus a community park, Shelter Cove Harbour has something for everyone to enjoy! 

In addition to private residences and rental properties, 2,000-acre Palmetto Dunes has 2 four-star full-service hotels as well as a complimentary shuttle service

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Great News! Science Says You Should Move to the Beach

Lynne Riggs Anderson

If you reside in Ohio, Pittsburgh, Chicago or Connecticut, or any of the other major markets that populate Hilton Head during the summer, you’ve long known that a beach trip is beneficial to your health. It just feels better to be near the ocean.  It may be time to call your favorite island realtor and pack the Penske. Turns out those blissful beach feelings are real, and there is science to back it up.

 At last census, more than 87 million people, or 29%-plus of the U.S. population, live in coastline counties, including more than 41 million along the Atlantic shoreline. On Hilton Head Island,  40,500 people call themselves islanders, and in the summer months, that

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Tropical Storm Irma Brings a Visitor to Hilton Head Island

The red Coast Guard buoy, weighing 13,000 pounds is currently lying sideways on a stretch of shore between South Forest Beach and Coligny Beach. 

Tropical Storm Irma with winds of 60 miles per hour and strong waves brought the buoy about 8 nautical miles from the mouth of the Port Royal Sound. 

Buoys are traffic signals for water vessels, guiding them to safety.  This buoy cost about $24,000.

Visitors and locals alike have been enjoying photo ops with the buoy and it has become the island’s latest tourist attraction.

According to Lt. J.B. Zorn of the Coast Guard, there’s no timetable for when the buoy will be return to the Port Royal Sound.   Transportation of the buoy back to

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